Our Story

LANU began with a discussion between a town planner and a mathematician and was founded on these questions:

What is the development potential of a house?

How does that potential compare to other properties?

To answer these questions we have built technology that with its speed and accuracy can transform both planning assessment and property valuation.

Every house has a hope value

What we do

Please watch this short explainer video which outlines what we do.

Groundbreaking Tech

We use a unique and robust algorithm to show you what a home could become, and how much it would cost.

Made with Care

Every property has room for improvement. We can help you plan out a vision for the future.

Modern Design

We display clear and concise information through a combination of 3D renders, costings and timelines, tailored to the customer's need.

Customisable results

Our algorithm can pick the extensions to suit any budget or taste. Lanu can show you the options.

Planner Reviewed

All our results are based on the planning rules specific to each property. Our tech was built to give accurate results.

Digital Platform

Our results are easily accessible and viewable on your phone or tablet.

Built with architects in mind

Our system will automatically generate 3D models of potential extensions, giving an architect a head start on design.

Features you won't get anywhere else

Fast results

Our results are available within hours. The equivalent information from your local council can take weeks or even months.

Aesthetic Design

All content is layed out in an easy-to-read and detailed way. We cut through all of the jargon so you know exactly what each term means.

Planner built

Our tech is built by planners with years of experience. All results are based on the actual planning rules. We address planning permission options - not just permitted development.

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Meet The Team

Our team of five has a diverse professional background ranging from Town Planning, Mathematics, Film & TV, and Graphic Design.


Shane O'Donnell

Founder & CEO


Luke Coburn PhD

Founder & Technical Director


Ron Byrne

Head of Design/Operations


Lorcan Sweetman Fox

VP/Head of Business Development


Marco Faggian PhD

Technical Officer