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Order now and receive a link to the analysis of your property within 24 hours.

  • PD Analysis
  • (your options under Permitted Development)
  • £ 120 /per analysis
  • PD only - (Permitted development)
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Floorplans, 3D Models and costings of all options
  • Web App overview of all options

Sample Analysis

Below are a samples of our analysis, showing floorplans, costings, 3D renders
and a glossary to explain what all of the jargon means. Everyone isn't a planner, after all!

Report Page 1

An overview of the property

Report Page 2

A list of your options, with 3D renders, costings & valuations

Report Page 3

Each option contains a detailed overview when clicked

Report Page 4

PDFs, CAD files and AR Models can all be generated

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